Fermentation Flow ChartExtraction Flow ChartAlbumins produced by recombinant methods, whether in yeast or plants are animal free and therefore do not present risks commonly asscoiated with animal derived materials.  Such risks include host viral contamination (e.g., hepatitis C) or prions.  In addition, our recombinant albumins, like  Albagen,TM are also highly purified by chromatographic methods resulting in greater homogeneity and purity as compared with animal derived materials. Albumin Therapeutics produces and/or purifies the recombinant albumins used in all its products.  Furthermore, in the case of AlbagenTM, no yeast derived proteins are detected by highly sensitive Western Blot analysis.  Endotoxin levels of our recombinant albumins, a measure of the sanitary methods of production, are among the lowest in the albumin industry and greatly exceed the requirements for cosmetic ingredients. Our procedure for the creation of recombinant albumin has been designed to ensure that our product meets the highest level of quality and lot to lot reproducibilty and has been improved for long term multi-year storage and stability.  Additionally, in the case of AlbagenTM, the risk associated with certain trace metals aducts with albumin which can cause allergic reactions, has been removed by use of a patented construct.